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5 Minutes Backhoe Rental Via WhatsApp.

Backhoe Rental
RM630 per day

Cheapest backhoe rental in Malaysia. Same day service.

017-879 9468

Rent Backhoe KL Selangor
Rent Backhoe KL Selangor

Our Backhoe Rental Location

Kuala Lumpur




Same Day Service

Want to rent a backhoe today or tomorrow? Our driver will be there.

50% Faster Work

Our drivers are experienced and can do backhoe work 50% faster. 

Malaysia Lowest Price

Rent our backhoe at the lowest market price in Malaysia from only RM630.

Easy Choice. Lowest Price.

the longer the rental, the cheaper the backhoe rental.

Rent Backhoe KL Selangor

Daily Backhoe Rental

Driver provided. 8am to 5pm.

Rent Backhoe KL Selangor

Weekly Backhoe Rental

Rent 7 or more days. Cheapest Price.

Rent Backhoe KL Selangor

017-879 9468

Need Backhoe Fast?

we can provide backhoe rental in the same or next day.

Backhoe Rental In 5 Minutes 

WhatsApp Us

We will reply as soon as possible.

017-879 9468

Location & Rental Period

Tell us your location & required rental period.


Payments can be made via online bank-in.

Cheapest Backhoe. Reliable Driver.

13 years backhoe rental operation with more than 23,380 renters.

No.1 Backhoe Rental in Malaysia.

Our experienced backhoe driver will do the work faster and better. Contact us now.

017-879 9468

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